Welcome to p2pool @ 0x0a!

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Getting started on a 0x0a P2Pool node is easier than eating an orange. Requirements: miner software, correct coin algorithm, pool address, and a wallet address. That's it!

								miner -a ALGORITHM -o stratum+tcp://COINNAME.p2p.0x0a.nl:COINPORT -u YOURWALLETADDRESS -p X

Select the coin you want to mine at the top to get the pool address, algorithm, example miner command and all other information you might need.

Note: The password argument is not necessary for P2Pool, but some miners don't understand how to function without one, so just put anything there. It's not used at all.

0x0a is a big fan of open source and particularly FOSS / libre software. Cryptocurrency is extremely interesting to boot. Add P2Pool on top and there's a cake worth eating.

If you want to contact me for anything except spam, go right ahead!

P2Pool is awesome. For a slightly longer explanation, see the P2Pool wiki.
Keep an eye on here for upcoming P2Pool Giveaways.
Contact me for questions / problems / suggestions / etc.!